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Gor Gai Films

Welcome to Thoo Mweh Khee

Documentary | 25m | 2021

Staff and students at a school for refugees of the Karen ethnic minority, from Karen State in southeastern Myanmar, tell the story of their oppression at the hands of the Myanmarese dictatorship, and explain how they're fighting back through education.


Bellaria International Film Festival

Official Selection


Manchester Film Festival

Official Selection


Demetera International Film Festival

Best Documentary Short


Bucharest ShortCuts Cinefest

Best Documentary

Nov 2020

Long Story Shorts International Film Festival

Nominated for Best Documentary

Love & Border

Documentary | 7m | 2020


Austin Indie Fest

Finalist: Best Documentary

Migrant women from Myanmar, living and working in a border town in western Thailand, talk about their experiences with and ideas about love.


Sunday Shorts Film Festival


Spring 2020

London X4 Seasonal Short Festival

Special Mention

Mother & Daughters

Documentary | 7m | 2020

In a Lahu village in northern Thailand a Lahu mother and her two daughters try to describe their lives and their hopes for the future.

Meet Big Bird

Documentary | 6m | 2019

Toh Pah Doh, aka Big Bird, makes self-produced hip-hop music in a refugee camp in western Thailand.  He explains why hip-hop has become popular with young Karens.

Buenos Aires Film Festival

Official Selection


Frostbite International Online

Film Festival


Spring 2019

London X4 Seasonal Short

Film Festival


YoungSinners - Naked Night

Music Video | 5m | 2019

YoungSinners, fronted by Toh Pah Doh aka Big Bird, are a self-producing hip-hop collective formed of Karen refugees.  

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